Diffracting Through an Ethical Itch: Becoming a Response-Able Dance Education Researcher


DOI: https://doi.org/10.23865/jased.v7.5086


In this article, I describe and discuss how an ethical doubt has performed my a/r/tographic research journey and led to ethical, methodological, and choreographic-pedagogic insights. The ethical doubt emerges from working with the video format as research presentation in a dance education research project where children are involved. The focus of this article is how I dealt with these ethical challenges through a diffractive inquiry, and further, how such an inquiry led into a sense-making process entangling ethics, research, choreography, dance, and education. Through exploring how the ethical doubt performed the research process, this article contributes to a rather scarce field of research on the topic of ethical issues in research presentation and ethical-pedagogical- choreographic and research methodological entanglements. In the article, I am thinking with the theoretical frameworks of post- qualitative inquiry and agential realism, both as a theoretically and methodologically. The apparatus of inquiry is constructed from a/r/tography, performative inquiry, and diffractive inquiry though a transcorporeal engagement with these research methods. As I unravel the research journey, I also diffract with the concepts of response-ability and the expanded notion of choreography. In the final discussion, I propose a response-able practice of research through a relational approach and attunement to research, pedagogy, choreography, and ethics.

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Flønes, M. (2023). Diffracting Through an Ethical Itch: Becoming a Response-Able Dance Education Researcher. Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education, 7(2). https://doi.org/10.23865/jased.v7.5086




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diffractive inquiry, dance education, response-ability, choreography, ethics