Author guidelines

Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education (JASEd) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. We primarily publish scientific articles and book reviews. In this overview, you will find information regarding our guidelines and procedures for the submission of manuscripts. We look forward to receiving your contribution!


  • Manuscripts are submitted electronically via the journal’s electronic platform.
  • At the stage of submission, all articles must be thoroughly edited and proofread.
  • All submitted scientific articles must be anonymised and a title page for the article uploaded separately. Please see the guidelines pertaining to anonymisation.
  • Manuscripts may be in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English. The main body of scientific articles must not exceed 6000 words, excluding the reference list and potential charts or tablesBook reviews must not exceed 1500 words.
  • All manuscripts must fulfil the criteria for scientific articles or book reviews. Please see the checklist further down on the page.

Please note that all articles go through a prescreening process.


All submissions go through a prescreening by the editorial staff. An editor is assigned to each manuscript. If a submission is considered eligible for peer review, it is sent to the peer-review stage. Journal  for Reseaach in Arts and Sports Education normally uses two reviewers for each research article. All articles are reviewed in accordance with the double-blind principle, which entails that the author(s) and reviewers are anonymised and unknown to each other. The review process requires a lot of time and effort both on part of the editorial staff and of external reviewers. By submitting an article to Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education, the author accepts that the manuscript cannot be evaluated by other journals simultaneously.

NOASP, the Open Access division of Cappelen Damm Akademisk, is a member of CrossRef and uses iThenticate, a plagiarism detection software that verifies the originality of content submitted, before publication. iThenticate checks submissions against countless of published research papers and web content. NOASP uses iThenticate to screen all submissions for plagiarism before publication, but authors, researchers and freelancers are also free to use iThenticate by visiting their website


The body must have the following structure:

  • Title page: name of author(s), institution affiliation and its address, author’s phone number and e-mail address. A short biographical text for each contributing author is also required. In addition to the foregoing information about the author, the text should include 1-2 sentences on previous, relevant publications and work experience. The title page is to be uploaded separately. 
  • Manusscripts: First page of manusscript must include the article title, English and Norwegian/Danish/Swedish abstracts must not exceed 200 words. Also, include three-five keywords in both languages, as well as the title in English.
  • Please use font size 12, Times New Roman and line spacing 1,5 for the main body. Use no more than three heading levels: font size 16 for the first heading, 13 for the second and 12 and italics for heading number three. Indent new paragraphs. Do not use a blank line.
  • Use double quotation marks for quotes within the main body. Indent quotes exceeding three sentences, and use font size 10.
  • Tables, charts or icons are numbered and placed within the main body. For example: Table 1: [table text]. Chart/icon 1: [text]. Put potential notes in footnotes, not endnotes. Please keep such notes to a minimum, and do not use double spacing after punctuation.
  • Manuscripts must be anonymised before submission.


For all citations, please follow the APA 7 standard:


We welcome book reviews that are in line with the  journal profile.

  • Book reviews must not exceed 1500 words.
  • The author should provide a title for the review itself, followed by the author of the book in question, title of the book, publisher, year of publication and number of pages. (Hoveid, M.H. (2019), Undervisning som veiledning. Cappelen Damm Akademisk, 242 pages).
  • Headings, format, quotations, use of cursive, references etc. should follow the same style guidelines as indicated for peer reviewed articles (see list below).